375 ml

Winemaker’s Notes:

2022 was a difficult year to produce Muscat D’Alexandrie grapes. They were affected by a devastating hailstorm followed by a week of extreme heat, with temperatures reaching 47°C and then unseasonally heavy rain. This led to several vineyards being affected by downy mildew, which affected the grape bunches. This forced us to pick the grapes at a lower than usual sugar count of only 20.4°Balling.

The grapes were left to cool overnight and pressed the next morning and then left to settle for three days. They were then racked over to a small stainless-steel tank where unaged spirit was added to stop fermentation from occurring.

The resulting fortified wine was left for fourteen weeks to settle out and mature before bottling.


Tasting Notes:

A popular sweet dessert wine, Hanepoot has a distinctive, strong muscat aroma on the nose and palate with hints of pineapple, lychee and winter melon. Best served chilled as a dessert wine or to compliment spicy Asian dishes and cheeses.

Category :

Wine Maker: Graham Anley

Assistant Wine Maker: Ruduwaan Cooper

Origin: Calitzdorp

Varietals: Chenin Blanc

Varietals: White Muscat D’Alexandrie

Vineyard: Du Swaroo

Altitude & Orientation: 220 m in flat, alluvial lands.

Soil type & Rainfall: Flat, alluvial, sandy, and well-drained soil. Use is made of drippers and flood irrigation. The 2022 harvest experienced heavier than normal seasonal rainfall.

Climate: Continental with hot dry summer days and cool evenings. The diurnal temperature variation gives the grapes time to cool overnight, creating complexity in the wines.

Aging: Unaged

Bottling Date: May, 2022

Production: 267 bottles – 375 ml


Alcohol 16%

TA 4.5 g/l

pH 3.52

RS 144.2


375 ml