Cape Ruby


750 ml


Tasting Notes:

A richly coloured, aromatic, dark red fortified wine with notes of ripe plums, raisins, and spice. Versatile, it partners well with rich red meats, desserts, and dark chocolate. Serve lightly chilled or on the rocks.

Varietals: Ruby Cabernet

Vineyard: Die Vlakte

Altitude & Orientation: 220 m in flat alluvial lands of the Gamka Valley, south of the town of   Calitzdorp.

Soil type & Rainfall: Flat, alluvial, sandy, and well-drained soil. Irrigation is by canals and flood irrigation from the Calitzdorp dam. The 2022 harvest experienced heavier than normal seasonal rainfall with a devastating hailstorm during the ripening period.

Climate: Continental with hot dry summer days and cool evenings. The diurnal temperature variation gives the grapes time to cool overnight, creating complexity in the wines.

Aging: Unaged

Bottling Date:   .05.22

Production: 254 bottles – 750ml





RS  l


750 ml