Ruby Cabernet


750 ml

Winemaker’s Notes:


Tasting Notes:

This dry, medium bodied red wine is rich in flavour with very soft tannins allowing it to be enjoyed only a few months after harvesting. Deep ruby colour and earthy character and a palate of ripe plums, cherries and blackberries. Best enjoyed with friends at a braai or with pizza and pasta, spaghetti bolognese, hamburgers, beef roasts lamb and venison.

Category :

Varietals: Ruby Cabernet

Vineyard: Die Vlakte

Altitude & Orientation: 220 m in flat alluvial lands of the Gamka Valley, south of the town of   Calitzdorp.

Soil type & Rainfall: Flat, alluvial, sandy, and well-drained soil. Irrigation is by canals and flood irrigation from the Calitzdorp dam. The 2022 harvest experienced heavier than normal seasonal rainfall with a devastating hailstorm during the ripening period.

Climate: Continental with hot dry summer days and cool evenings. The diurnal temperature variation gives the grapes time to cool overnight, creating complexity in the wines.

Aging: Unaged

Bottling Date:   .05.22

Production: 254 bottles – 750ml





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750 ml